Building a Martian House is a public art project that has made a prototype of a real Martian house. 

Mars is a place where you’d have to live carefully and resourcefully. Imagining how a small community would live there offers a sharp lens on our lives here on Earth today and our fraught relationship with consumerism. 

The house is currently being built. It will open to the public between August – October in M Shed Square, Bristol, UK.

It will start as an empty shell that comes to life with changing interiors as we explore together what a new, sustainable culture might look like. It provides a place to research and experiment. A blank canvas to try things out and imagine new futures in relation to our lives today. 

This is Great Britain’s first Martian house, created by many different people working together, as we all have expertise to offer around how we live and in imagining our shared futures. It has been created through a co-design process involving many people, from rocket scientists to primary school children. We all have a role in the future and a part to play. 

Our house is designed to be a prototype, taking into account the real environmental conditions on Mars. Click here to find out more about the design and what makes it different to a house on Earth.

The project is led and conceived by artists Ella Good and Nicki Kent, working with Hugh Broughton Architects (designer of the Halley VI British Antarctic Research Station) and Pearce+. It is presented in partnership with M Shed, and funded by The Edward Marshall Trust.

For more information find us on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram.