martian stool

Maream Merza

One of the first things I thought of when thinking about what the most important thing to have in a foreign place you would call home for the rest of your lifetime is somewhere to sit. 

Before advancing the technology on Mars, the idea is to approach designing a chair in a more traditional way which is where the idea came for a prototype stool inspired by the bamboo stools made here on Earth.

I found a scrap plastic tube which in this case, would be re-used from the rocket we land on to make the legs of the chair. With some soil, gravel and rocks poured inside the tube would help bring weight to the legs. Bamboo sticks that are grown on the rocket put around the stool to help stabilise and avoid it falling through with a piece of fabric that can be weaved to tied to the chair to make a simplified stool, that can be used easily. 

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