Sphagnum Moss Pad

DIY sustainable menstrual pad. Women on Mars will menstruate just like on Earth.

Knitting Sphagnum (type of moss) – moss can be grown on Mars but it is short lived, we can try and modify it, or think of alternatives.

As an initial design experiment, I have attempted to knit my dried sphagnum moss between layers of cotton (this could be another biodegradable yarn instead). The texture of the dried moss is very powdery —it disintegrates quickly, and therefore it might be the best kind of material to spin into fibres, or to put in direct contact with intimate areas. These kind of patches could later be incorporated into pouches or pockets of fabric, similar to the SFAG-NA-KINS, which would be much more comfortable against the skin.

Sphagnum Moss was used by the American Red Cross in the manufacture of surgical dressings for war time use.

Dried moss can be regrown later by just adding water. Perhaps the nutrients in menstrual blood, acting as a fertilizer, could contribute to the growth.

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