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Building a Martian House, August – October 2022, in M Shed Square, Bristol.

Located on M Shed Square, Bristol, Building a Martian House is not an exhibition or a Martian simulation experience, rather it is a research site and artwork to help us think about the future.

The exterior of our Martian House is being built as an empty shell. From August to October 2022 we will be filling it with inventions, colours and responses to what a future resourceful community could look like. We are working with a group of volunteers from Bristol who are going to help fill the house with colours, designs, inventions and ideas for future living. The applications to be in this group are now closed. Here are a few other ways to take part or see the ideas that fill the house.

17th August – 31st August
Drop in summer holiday workshops Family Fun: Adding colour to Mars
Enjoy a free drop-in workshop at the Martian House this summer with Spacewear Fashion and textiles artist, Anurita Chandola. At these workshops you will learn to create textiles and clothing using minimal, simple resources that might be available in an off-world settlement such as Mars.

31st August – 16th October
Book a viewing of the lower ground floor of the house 
An opportunity to view the inside of the Martian House on M Shed Square, imagine what it might be like to live there and see some of the ideas, experiments and research happening.  

1st September
Join the project team for a live panel discussion: How we built a Martian House
Learn about the research and design process that has created our prototype house… and what living in a house on Mars might be like. The panel features Hugh Broughton, a world expert on extreme architecture, and Lucy Berthoud, Professor of Space Systems Engineering at the University of Bristol.

16th September
Lunchtime talk at Pervasive Media Studio
Join us for an informal talk in mid September to find out what the interiors team have been working on so far.

20th September
How can we build hopeful futures? An online panel discussion event.
What do our visions of the future around housing and creative communities look like? How do we build the future and who gets to decide? Panelists include Tiny House Community Bristol and Mollie Claypool.

20th September – 18th October
Bookable workshop: An introduction to Hydropoetics
Join our free workshops to explore and engage with the plants in the hydroponic garden room in the Martian House with artist Katy Connor. You’ll be invited into the garden room, where you’ll hear about the hydroponic systems, selected plant species and learn how to care for the plants.

20th September – 18th October
Bookable workshop: Shinrin Yoku: Plant Bathing in the Martian House
Join our free workshops to explore and engage with the plants in the hydroponic garden room of the Martian House with artist, Katy Connor. Experience the plants through sensory engagement by taking part in a plant inspired meditation and tea drinking ceremony.

Visualisation of Building A Martian House in M Shed Square. Image credit Hugh Broughton Architect and Pearce+